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Nightstand Central Alarm Clock


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Nightstand Central Alarm Clock

Thomas Huntington

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An Apple Staff Favorite. Featured by the New York Times, CNN, Business Insider,, and many other publications.

"Best Alarm Clock App" -


With music alarms, a built-in sleep timer, weather info, customizable photo backgrounds, and an included shake-on / shake-off flashlight, Nightstand Central turns your device into the ultimate bedside "hub".

Wake up to your favorite tunes and drift into sleep a little easier with the included sleep timer. You can play everything from music playlists to relaxing sounds, with additional support for audio from other applications. If you need to get up in the middle of the night, just shake to toggle the included flashlight, and shake again to turn it off. When you wake up, you can see the current weather conditions before you get out of bed.

Nightstand Central is equally at home away from the bedside, as well. Stand your device on a desk or coffee table and use it as a beautiful photo frame with heads-up time and weather information.

Many features in Nightstand Central can be tweaked to fit your preferences, for example:
-Pick wallpapers from your Photo Album and Nightstand Central will automatically cycle the background image among these how ever often you'd like. You can mix and match your own photos and any of the beautiful included wallpapers, as well.
-Set up different music alarm playlists for different days. Your alarm will even gently fade in by default - it's up to you.
-Configure the clock / weather HUD to make it bigger, smaller, centered, or move it off to one side or the other

If you'd like, give away your old, standalone alarm clock, and replace it with something that truly stands out - your iOS device running Nightstand Central.

Complete Features:

Clock and Weather
-Works in Portrait and Landscape Orientations
-Adjustable brightness
-12 or 24 hour time format
-Show / Hide seconds
-Current and accurate weather conditions for almost anywhere in the world.

-Use your own Apple Music songs / playlists or one of 27 built in alarm sounds
-Repeating alarms on certain days of the week
-Adjustable alarm volume
-Adjustable snooze time
-Set your iPhone to vibrate during an alarm, either with sound or only vibration
-Volume Fade-in (default option), so you can wake up gently
-Alarm works even if device is sleeping or screen is locked
-Shake to snooze option

Unique Sleep Timer
-Fall asleep to your favorite music, relaxing sounds, or even audio from apps like Spotify or Pandora (sleep timer only). Nightstand Central will automatically pause the playback after the time interval that you've set.

Convenient Flashlight
-Shake your device to toggle an included flashlight that's actually quite bright.

Wallpaper and display
-Multiple wallpaper support: If you’d like, select more than one photo to use as wallpaper, and let Nightstand Central automatically cycle through them however often you choose.
-Choose from 43 beautiful included wallpapers, or add your own photos.
-Easily customize the position of the clock / weather display

-You can optionally set a personal motivation to read right after your alarm goes off in the morning. -This can help you to remember your priorities in life, so that you make the best of the new day.

Release notes

Version 4.7.4 contains a bug fix.

Also includes changes first introduced in 4.7.1:
-Support for full screen resolution on all current Apple mobile devices
-Added 14 beautiful new wallpaper options, photographed by winners of Wikimedia's "Wiki Loves Earth" contest
-New weather condition icons, designed by Patrick Loonstra (
-Larger text on the next alarm indicator for most devices (in the lower left of the main clock screen)
-The countdown next alarm indicator (e.g. "Alarm in 7h 3m") is now the default. Other options, including disabling this indicator, can be configured in Nightstand's settings.
-New alarms now default to gradually fade in from 1% to 100% volume over one minute. This can be changed for each alarm in that alarm's settings.
-Auto-Lock is now disabled while using Nightstand Central, regardless of if the device is on battery power or plugged in.
-It is now possible to shortcut to the sleep timer settings by tapping the center bottom of the main clock display (as long as an alarm isn't sounding or snoozed).
-Lullaby now works in the background (for included sounds and music only), and Nightstand's state (including which screen you are currently in the app) is now saved in the background. However, please note that Lullaby will not work in the background if another app's "Background Audio" audio is selected. I know this may sound confusing, but in order to turn off another app's background audio after Nightstand's Lullaby finishes, you need to keep Nightstand open in the foreground. Please also note the following changes to alarms:
-You now will need to keep Nightstand Central running with the screen on all night in order for alarms to sound consistently. If you select "Important Changes" under the list of alarms in Nightstand Central, you will be able to see a list of helpful suggestions, such as how to decrease the screen brightness to its lowest setting and how to change Do Not Disturb settings so that you aren't disturbed by notifications or calls in the middle of the night.
-Bug fixes

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