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PHPDoc Reader

Version 1.1.0

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PHPDoc Reader

TEQneers GmbH & Co. KG

Productivity, Reference

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Are you annoyed waiting for updates of already available content? Just use PHPDoc Reader and simply import any phpDocumentor API you need. PHPDoc Reader is a tool to read API's, which have been create with the phpDocumentor Tool, like

- PHPUnit
- Smarty
- Zeta Components
- ...

You can also import your own API's generated by yourself with phpDocumentor. Just compress your API as a ZIP file and synchronize it with iTunes File Sharing or use the "Open in…" dialog (e.g. in Mail) to open it with PHPDoc Reader. If an API is included within an SDK, you can also synchronize the complete SDK. JDoc Reader will extract the API automatically and clean up unnecessary parts.

Of course you can use PHPDoc Reader on you iPad and iPhone without any extra cost.

Release notes

- ios6 compatibility
- iPhone5 compatibility
- minor bugfixes

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