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LookOut Call

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LookOut Call

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The Lookout Call iPhone app enhances your personal safety by calling your nominated contacts if it detects you may need, or have requested assistance.

This app will only operate if you are a member of an existing organisation already using the service. To find out more about benefiting from the safety Lookout Call provides please visit

Lookout Call is already used by more than 18,000 people and recently received a Diamond Award following a 94% customer satisfaction rating from research company BenchmarQ.

Key features include:
- The countdown timer alarm will always trigger, even if your phone is turned off, destroyed or out of network coverage.
- 'Call back' calls can be requested during times of elevated risk - if you fail to answer the returned call and enter your PIN, an urgent alarm is raised immediately.
- Intelligent alarm generation: a false alarm check will be performed if your countdown timer simply expires. An urgent alarm is raised immediately if you personally raise an alarm or don't respond to a 'call back' call.
- Your responders are notified immediately by a telephone call and prompted to confirm if they are able to respond to your call for help.
- Live statistics are displayed when an alarm is in progress so you can see which of your (up to three) responders are being notified of your request for assistance.

Lookout Call is used in many situations when people need to alert others that they need assistance. Alarms can be raised manually or 'stealthily' if your timer is left to expire. It's already proven ideal for commercial 'lone working' applications including; rent collectors, social workers, home helps, doctors, district nurses, engineers, architects, estate agents, sales representatives and similar professionals visiting domestic and commercial premises.

It is also ideal for personal security applications including ensuring you have arrived at your destination when travelling during the day or night, by foot, bicycle, bus, train, car or taxi. Additionally, by using the 'call back' facility the service can confirm you are safe throughout the duration of your journey or activity.

The relative safety of many sporting pursuits such as mountain biking, horse riding, sailing, surfing, fishing, caving, climbing, walking and rambling can all be complemented by using Lookout Call.

The application is free to download and use if you are a member of one of the many organisations already using the service. Simply enter your telephone number when prompted and away you go!

We are sure you will find the application an enhancement to your personal safety.

For more information please visit our website: or contact your Health and Safety or Risk Manager.

Release notes

- fixes for iOS 10

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