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Vocal-it allows you to "paste" a vocal message on any object.

Vocal-it requires its own QR Codes that can be obtained, generated and printed on your own printer from the website

Then frame a QR Code generated from the website, register a vocal message and paste the code everywhere you want.

Everyone in the world can listen the message simply framing it with the camera.

Vocal messages can be public or private.

Messages can be managed on the website in your private section located at

Step by step procedure:
1) Download Vocal-it's app
2) Signup on the website and activate your account
3) Download the pdf with your 12 Vocal-it QR Codes for free and try out Vocal-it
4) Do you like Vocal-it? Buy our packages!

It's simple, imagine that you have to give an object to someone. If this person must know something about this object, maybe how to use it, you simply register a Vocal-it and paste it on the object. Now your object can talk and it will say what you want!

in order to user Vocal-it you must have:
1) An Internet connection
2) Dedicated Vocal-it QR Codes (downloadable at
3) iPod Touch with camera, iPhone 3gs/4g

Release notes

improved scanning capability QR codes
added torch feature
added pinch-to-zoom

Vocal-it screenshot oneVocal-it screenshot twoVocal-it screenshot threeVocal-it screenshot four