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NIE Mobile

Version 4.1.0

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NIE Mobile

National Institute of Education (NIE) Singapore


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NIE Mobile is created for visitors, staff and students of NIE to keep abreast about the activities relating to the institute. The intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to navigate and obtain the information that they need.

Release notes

New Features:

For Student, Staff & Public:
1.Subscribe/Unsubscribe to push notifications
2.Personalise dashboard

For Student:
1.Access e-Services eg. Leave forms on dashboard

For Public:
1.Access e-Services eg. Online Verification of Education Qualifications (OVEQ) forms on dashboard

For Programme Office:
1.Sync timetable to mobile calendar
2.View timetable by programme category/department

For Academic Staff:
1.View personalised timetable
2.Sync timetable to mobile calendar

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The Developer National Institute of Education (NIE) Singapore also wrote the apps listed below, click the icon to visit the pages.

NIE Mobile
NIE Mobile

NIE Mobile is created for visitors, staff and students of NIE to keep abreast about the activities relating to the institute. The intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to navigate and obtain the information that they need....
NIE mGeo
NIE mGeo

NIE mGeo allows you to save your geographical location information, photos and video onto the map. Login credentials are provided to NIE students from their lecturers if they are using the app for their lessons. This will allow the students to share their findings online with others. Users who do not have login credentials can still use the app, but they will not be able to do any uploading.

Note: For those who are upgrading your app, please re-login before use.

For a limited time only, we are giving you free access to share your pins with everyone. Please log in using:
Username: guest
Password: 123...
NIE Well Said
NIE Well Said

The NIE Well Said provides a mobile platform for students to improve their pronunciation. The speaker in this app uses standard Singaporean English and the context of the sentences used is Singaporean.

For any enquiries or feedback, please email us at [email protected]
NIE Library
NIE Library

LibGO! is created for NIE Library members to access library services and information anytime, anywhere at their convenience.

NIE Library members can search the catalogue, access E-Resources, access their library accounts, renew loans, reserve materials, check out events and announcements as well as submit forms.

The use of the application is governed by NIE's privacy policy....
NIE Harmonia-on-the-Go
NIE Harmonia-on-the-Go

Harmonia-on-the-Go allows users to create chord progressions in a progressively more advanced manner and receive immediate text-based feedback on whether the progression created is grammatically sound. Once downloaded on the mobile, it can be used offline 24/7.

However, as a registered user, the user can have the additional benefit of sending in questions via the app to seek clarification from an expert.

The present version is meant for piloting with a few participating schools, improvements and enhancement will be made subsequently based on users’ feedback. Should you have any feedback or suggestions on this app, please email [email protected]

The creation of this app is funded by MOE-NIE Edulab Project AED 01/17 CKM. ©2018

• 5 Levels of technical difficulty
• Dynamic creation of diatonic and chromatic chord progressions in major and minor keys
• Feedback : instant text-based feedback on whether created chord progression is grammatically sound
• Users who are granted log-in permission to use the app on-line are also able to monitor their learning progress from learning-analytic charts. They are also able to post questions to seek clarification from an expert....

NIE CLUES (Collaborating & Learning through Understanding Environments by Sharing) is a location-based learning app that caters for oritentation trail games (e.g Scavenger or Treasure hunts) or for context-aware mLearning.

With the GPS feature, learners are able to collaboratively add pins to maps, record events and learning evidences by capturing photos & videos and annotating their photos for learning purposes. Lessons designed with the use of CLUES requires each member in a team to engage in a common goal and work together collaboratively.

Autonomous learners will explore their areas individually to collect data. After that, they will convene to discuss their findings. CLUES allows for a ‘porous’ school as learners can switch between virtual and real environments seamlessly in their learning journey....

Analyze, visualize, and store water quality data for your study sites. Compare results with friends from around the world! Perfect for class projects.

• Georeference and map your sample sites using unique water drop pins.
• Input, store, and retrieve data on measured water quality parameters at your sites, including dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, total solids, temperature, E. coli, biochemical oxygen demand, nitrates, and phosphates.
• Calculate a water quality index based on these parameters.
• Missing values for some parameters? Don’t worry, the autofill function will help round out your data, based on expert opinion.
• Water drop pins of your sample sites are color-coded based on the water quality index result, to simplify spatial comparisons.
• Store a photo and field notes related to your sample site.
• Search your data by date and location.
• Store and retrieve your data in csv format.
• Track changes in water quality over space and time....