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Kitten Quad

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Kitten Quad

Elliot Yates


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This App enables UK vets to calculate doses of an unlicensed quad anaesthetic combination to carry out early neutering in kittens.

The anaesthetic combination has been used at the RSPCA Greater Manchester Animal Hospital on thousands of kittens for many years.

The user inputs the mass of the kitten (kg). The volume of each of the following agents is given in mls

Sedator (medetomidine 1mg/ml)
Anesketin (ketamine 100mg/ml)
Buprenodale (buprenorphine 300μg/ml)
Hypnovel (midazolam 10mg/2ml)

For example, a 2kg kitten requires 0.1mls of each drug = total volume 0.4mls by intramuscular injection.

Alternatively, if the user selects methadone (Comfortan 10mg/ml) as the preferred opiate, a 2kg kitten requires 0.08mls of each drug = total volume 0.32mls by intramuscular injection.

The dosing regime is based on body surface area calculations.

The decision, and therefore the responsibility, for prescribing any drug for an animal lies solely with the veterinary surgeon.

David Yates MRCVS
5th August 2011

Last updated 31st December 2014

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