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age of Ears

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age of Ears


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"age of Ears" is an application for measuring the highest frequency that you can hear. While you keep touching the center of the screen, the frequency of a sine wave sound gradually increases from 0Hz at a 0.1 second interval. As the frequency of the sound gets higher, it becomes hard to hear it. When you cannot hear the sound, release your finger from the screen. The frequency at the moment of releasing your finger is the highest frequency that you can hear.

"age of Ears" also has the function of measuring the age of ears on the basis of the measured frequency. So, you can realize the age of your ears as well as just check "What frequency can I hear up to?" "age of Ears" provides typical values of the ages of ears, which we, Nenriki, determined in our own right, considering a lot of sites and documents, however, did not examine medical evidences.

The audio-frequency range of humans varies with their age. The tone of the sound is different depending on devices, and therefore, the measurement results may not be accurate.

Adjust the volume and the distance between your ear and the speaker adequately so as to avoid hearing loud sound.

To improve the accuracy of the measurement, you can adjust the volume appropriately, while hearing "TEST TONE" (1kHz, 0dB, sine wave) , which you can play in Setting Screen, before measurement.

Release notes

a little bug fixed.

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