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Instant Call Recording

Version 3.0

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Instant Call Recording

24 Seven Communications Ltd

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Make and store a permanent record of important business and personal phone conversations - both outbound and inbound – for only the price of the call!

Now with an improved interface, this iTunes ‘What’s Hot’ featured App, has been improved further to allow the recording of both outgoing and incoming phone conversations totally FREE!

No need to have to make mental or written notes of any phone call, simply save a recording of both sides of the conversation and have it emailed directly to your Inbox for safe keeping.

We can now record phone calls received to your mobile or landline phone by providing you with your unique Personal Number which forwards directly to your mobile phone. PLUS all calls received are entirely FREE and paid for by the incoming caller.

Recruitment:- record interviews with prospective candidates;
Meetings:- save important records of conference calls;
Call Centre training:- use to train staff making outbound calls;
Media/TV/Radio:- record phone interviews for news/editorial stories;
Disputes- save a record of important conversations with parties to resolve disputes;

Record phone calls made within the UK to all overseas mobile and landline numbers as well as mobiles and landlines in the UK.

Instant Call Recording App will record conversations to and from standard mobile and landline numbers, as well as non-geographic 0800, 0844, 0845, 0870, 0871 and premium rate numbers.

- Great for keeping an accurate record of important business calls and discussions
- Will record all user conversations from multi-party conference calls
- Recorded conversations are clear and archived in Your Account on our website for future playback
- Can be used anywhere within the UK to record both local and overseas calls to another mobile or landline phone
- No subscription needed to use the service or download archived recordings
- Clear pricing is provided to you on-screen before your phone connects with the other party
- Absolutely FREE to use, all you pay is the low cost of the phone conversation (see published rates)
- Log-in to your Account at the website to download stored calls, and listen again to archived recordings
- Access codes are available for 6 hours allowing you to make multiple calls to the same number within this period and have them all recorded

SIMPLE TO USE: (outgoing calls)
1. Download and start the App
2. Select a phone number from your phone’s Address Book or key in the number manually
3. Add your email address (for us to send the recorded conversation to)
4. Click to ‘Retrieve Access Number’
5. Press to dial, and chat away while the conversation is being recorded
6. An MP3 recording will be emailed out immediately after the conversation ends and a copy will be added as an archive to Your Account on our website

SIMPLE TO USE: (incoming calls)
1. Download and start the App
2. Enter your phone number and email address (for us to send any recorded conversations to)
3. Click to ‘Retrieve Your Personal Number’
4. Provide this unique number to all callers you wish to record inbound conversations with
5. All incoming calls to this unique number will be forwarded to your chosen mobile number
6. At the end of every incoming phone conversation we will email an MP3 recording and add as an archive to Your Account on our website

Release notes

New and improved interface.
Ability to manage account details within app.
Disable inbound recordings.
Stream recordings within app.

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