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iPlod - Police Pocket Guide

Version 2.5.1

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iPlod - Police Pocket Guide

Paul Conlon

Reference, Utilities

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The iPlod App has been designed as a pocket reference tool for UK police officers. The app contains a database of UK legislation as well as aide memoires and other useful information. The designer of the App is a serving UK police officer.


The App contains almost 300 articles, split into the following categories:

• Assault
• Theft
• Criminal Damage
• Drugs
• Public Order
• Weapons / Blades
• Anti-Social Behaviour
• Sexual Offences
• Traffic Law
• Firearms
• Immigration
• Terrorism
• Transport/Railways
• Police / Courts
• Fraud
• Harassment
• Sporting Offences
• Animals
• Environment
• Use of Force
• Human Rights
• Miscellaneous Offences

Legislation articles include the points to prove for the offence. Handy for structuring suspect interviews.

Legislation articles include a list of 'police actions' specific to that offence.

CCCJS Charging Codes are included for most offences and will be rolled out for all offences in future updates.

Handy guides that include GOWISELY, ADVOKATE, PEACE interview model, National Decision Model (NDM), Arrest Conditions, FPN codes, PND codes and more.

●● SEARCH ●●
You can search from within the App by subject and key words that will then display all the relevant articles for your search query.

●● EMAIL and PRINT ●●
There is also the facility to email each article so that you can then print it off – very useful for points to prove in interviews!

The App contains offences from Acts of Law that apply in England and Wales (Although many of these acts also apply in Scotland and Northern Ireland).

Release notes


BUG FIXES - some users were experiencing a problem with iPlod v2.5 whereby new and updated articles were not loading properly. This update resets the database to resolve this problem. If you are still experiencing problems please contact us directly at [email protected]


iPlod version 2.5 is finally here. The style of the app pages has been updated slightly to a lighter/brighter feel to compliment the new iOS9 operating system.

We have amended articles where the legislation has changed or been updated. We have also added recently introduced legislation We have started to add new content to the legislation articles including 'POLICE ACTIONS' and 'CCCJS CODES' - these should by a helpful addition for officers. So far these have been added to the new and updated articles and we will roll it out to all other existing articles in version 3.0. The 'SEND VIA EMAIL' function has been updated to reflect the new layout and make the email content easier to read. There have also been some minor spelling errors corrected and a few general bug fixes. There is also a new TRANSPORT/RAILWAYS offences section.

The full list of new and amended articles are as follows:-


● National Decision Model
● METHANE - Scene Management Aide Memoire
● Child Sexual Exploitation (Aide Memoire)
● PenTip FPN(N) and FPN(E) codes
● Obstructing Police
● Impersonating Police
● Obstructing Emergency Worker
● False Alarm of Fire
● Blackmail
● Dishonestly Retain a Wrongful Credit
● Warning Formula (Traffic Process)
● Trespass on Railway
● Throw Stones on Railway
● Throw Stones with Intent
● Fail to Produce Ticket
● Fair Evasion (Railways)
● Breach Restraining Order
● Breach Non-Molestation Order
● Breach Civil Injunction
● Domestic Violence Protection Notices (DVPN)
● Domestic Violence Protection Orders (DVPO)
● Directions Excluding a Person from an Area
● Carry a Firearm in a Public Place
● Firing an Air Weapon Beyond Premises
● Taking Control of Goods (Bailiff Offences)
● Slavery, Servitude and Forced Labour
● Human Trafficking


● S.5 Public Order Act - dropped 'Insulting'
● Keeping Dogs Under Proper Control - ASBCPA amended definition
● PND's - updated with new fine amounts
● Domestic Definition - updated to 2014 definition
● FPN(E) and FPN(N) codes - new fine amounts

●● VERSION 3.0 ●●

We have already started work on iPlod v3.0 - this is a MAJOR update - we are rewriting the App form the ground up. The look and feel of the app is being completely overhauled, there will be new tools, guides and resources as well as new legislation articles. The app will also become UNIVERSAL meaning it will make full use of iPad screen space.


If you encounter specific problems or have a specific request please CONTACT US via our SUPPORT email address within the app rather than by leaving a review as we are unable to reply to you directly via the review channel.

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