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Joy of Plants Plant Finder

Version 2.4

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Joy of Plants Plant Finder

Joy of Plants Ltd


GBP 2.99

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Plant Finder with full details of over 13,300 UK plants. Find plants featured on TV shows, and find who sells a plant locally. Search for plants to suit any criteria or planting location. Keep a list of Favourite plants and those in your garden. The app is the plant expert in your pocket.

"Invaluable at the nursery or garden centre; when I see a plant that I like I can look at whether it will suit my garden BEFORE I buy it!!!" Mrs Davids

"I have been using and recommending the Joy of Plants app to my students as I really think it is an excellent app with extensive information and works so well on my iPad to share information..." Tracy Clements, Lecturer in Horticulture, Bridgwater College

"We’re the biggest Garden Centre in the South of England and we’re delighted to be listed as a ‘Seller’ in the Joy of Plants app. We think the quality of their plant data and the user-friendliness of their design is second to none. It's the best Plant Finder out there!" Michael Ainley, Longacres Garden Centre, Surrey

"As a garden designer, it is important to know my plants. I love the 'Joy of Plants' iPhone app - I can access all this plant information on the move, and have 'favourites' as well as keeping a list of plants in the 'my garden' section. I think that this app is an absolute must have for anyone who has an interest in plants, and for the cost of a sandwich, you really cannot go wrong."

"Having the Joy of Plants Plant Finder on my phone is brilliant. It’s really easy to use and has the same plant info as we have on our website which is great.” Andrea Burlingham, Hare Hatch Sheeplands Garden Centre, Berkshire

* Search criteria include colours, sizes, light, soil or other planting conditions, "easy to care for", flowering season – find plants to meet any combination of these things, and more.
* Over 30 groups of plants to browse e.g. alpines, bedding, bulbs, climbers, fruit, herbs, houseplants, perennials, roses, shrubs, trees, winter stems.
* Plants on TV – view plants featured on the UK’s favourite TV gardening shows.
* Plant sellers – a new feature is under way to show nearby ‘Sellers’ who stock each plant when it is in season. We add new ‘Sellers’ throughout the year.
* My Garden – list plants in your garden and see when they bloom. Find new plants in the Plant Finder to add interest to specific seasons.
* Plant Finder – look up plants by searching for criteria, for botanical or common name, or browsing groups of plants. Add plants you like to your Favourites.
* Sync your Favourites and My Garden lists between your iPhone & iPad via iCloud.
* Share plants via Facebook, Twitter and Email.
* And many more features.

* Extensive details and photos for EVERY plant. Over 13,300 popular plants for the UK & Ireland.
* To keep the app size to a minimum, large photos for the Classic 500 plants are stored in the app, large photos for other plants are downloaded when you look at the plant. You can view text details for all plants without an internet connection.
* All the plant photos and texts for the app are created by a professional gardener with over 22 years of experience.

* Joy of Plants supplies a website version of the Plant Finder to Garden Centres, and other gardening organisations, for their websites. See for details.
* Contact us if you'd like to be listed in the app among the Sellers of plants - the Joy of Plants app can bring new customers to your door.

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* Joy of Plants Ltd is a member of the Horticultural Trades Association and Garden Centre Associations in the UK.

We provide free updates with new plants and new features for all our users. Follow us on Facebook to find out about updates.

Release notes

3D options from Home screen for "My Garden", "Find Plant" and "Favourites".
Update to "Share plant" options within the app.
More plants!

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