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OfficeCalendar Mobile

Version 1.4.20

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OfficeCalendar Mobile

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OfficeCalendar Mobile transforms your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad into a mobile office productivity tool by providing bi-directional wireless syncing between your Outlook, and OfficeCalendar Online, Calendar and Contact folders. Add new appointments to your calendar, or new contacts to your Contacts folder, and have them sync wirelessly from your iPhone to OfficeCalendar Online and Outlook on your desktop and vice versa. With OfficeCalendar Mobile, your iOS devices are also able to view and edit all the OfficeCalendar shared calendars you have access to, so now you can see your colleagues' calendars while out of the office.

Important: Only existing OfficeCalendar users and trial users who have implemented OfficeCalendar Online and OfficeCalendar Mobile Server can utilize this app.


* Wirelessly sync calendar and contact entries from all your devices to Outlook and OfficeCalendar Online. No more cables.

* No more worry about syncing your iPhone before leaving the office. Your data is already there, syncing with your mobile device.

* Stop double-booking appointments. Your assistant can now see and edit your schedule in Outlook, OfficeCalendar Online and on their Apple device (must be running iOS5.1 or higher).

* Know what your colleagues' schedules are while on-the-go and out of the office. iOS device users have access to all OfficeCalendar shared calendars.


* Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. Support from iOS 5.1 and higher

* OfficeCalendar Mobile Server V1.0

Release notes

This version adds synchronization of the Contact Notes field. Now notes in the Contact record in Outlook and in iOS will sync between each other.

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