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Voltage Mail

Version 3.3.3

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Voltage Mail

Voltage Security

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The Voltage SecureMail app allows you to read and send encrypted email on supported iPhones and iPads running iOS 9.0 or later.

IMPORTANT: Anyone who has received Voltage encrypted secure email can use this application to read it. However, replying to messages and composing new secure emails requires the features to be enabled by the sending organization. Voltage SecureMail users, for whom the mobile policy is not enabled, are redirected to the embedded browser, aka Zero Download Messenger (ZDM), to read and send secure messages.
NOTE: If Voltage SecureMail Mobile App displays an Information message while decrypting SecureMail i.e. "mobile not enabled switching to web based" then please contact with your respective organization from where you received encrypted email to enable the Mobile Service.

FREE TRIAL: How do I register for Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition Free Trail?

Visit and enter your email address. Once done, you will receive a Voltage encrypted secure message in your registered email address. Open the email on your mobile device and follow the instructions. Using the SecureMail Mobile app, open and decrypt the original secure message sent to you. After this is done, you will able to compose secure email from your device!

Key Features*:

• Read encrypted email and attachments, online or offline
• Attach photos to secure email and send
• Attach any format file from iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive, and DropBox etc.
• Print secure messages (requires activation by the sender)
• Send secure email with one tap of a “Send Secure” button
• Send and receive secure email to and from anyone with a standard email inbox
• Works with the native iOS email application and your existing inboxes
• Access to local Contacts and Exchange Global Address List
• Tailor-made user experience for iPhones and iPads
• Simple self-registration and authentication
• Works with popular cloud and web-based email systems
• Biometric (TouchID or FaceID) authentication supported

How to Read and Reply to Secure Messages:

• Install this mobile app on your iPhone or iPad
• Add email account, i.e. Gmail or Outlook365 in which you already received Voltage encrypted secure message.
• Inbox will display messages, tap on secure message switch at Bottom, it will change to Secure Inbox
• App will display top 50 secure messages in Secure Inbox
• Tap on the “message_zdm.html” attachment and app will ask for one time SecureMail authentication
• Once authentication is successful, it will decrypt secure message
• To reply to a message, tap the reply icon

Send Messages:

• Open the Voltage SecureMail app
• Tap the Compose icon

Supported OS Versions:

• Requires an iPhone or iPad with iOS 9 or later
* Features including printing, attachments, reply, and compose are controlled by the sending organization’s mobile policy. 
IMPORTANT: If mobile add-on feature is NOT enabled by the sending organization then app display message as "mobile policy does not permit you to use the Voltage SecureMail Mobile application. Switching to a web-based reader". In this case request your sending organization to enable mobile add-on feature.

Release notes

- Bug fixes and support for Dark theme iOS 13

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