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Roulette Wiz!

Version 2.0.1

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Roulette Wiz!

Raul Blanquez

Games, Casino, Strategy

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Roulette Wiz is an application that assists you in targeting sleepers (looks for roulette bets that don’t appear for a long number of spins). The system allows defining a general alert threshold that is customized for each kind of bet. Every time that a particular threshold is exceeded, Roulette Wiz alerts the user, indicating that is a good time to start betting. Bets that are available in this version are:
- Red-Black
- Even-Odd
- 1/18 – 19/36
- Dozens
- Columns
- Lines
- Streets
- Numbers

Roulette Wiz also shows some statistics: number of occurrences and their percentage, in order to control possible imbalances.
This application is intended for use in online games. Its use in real casinos may not be authorized.

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