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Islamic Encyclopedia

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With thousands entering into Islam in the West, and Millions of Muslims both in the east as well as the west dependent on the Islamic literature in the English language alone, the need for an authentic, comprehensive Islamic encyclopedia was never greater.

The encyclopedias that have so far been published, or are on the Web, are quite inadequate, if not misleading. This encyclopedia attempts to meet the needs of the person endeavoring to deepen his knowledge of Islam. With its unique maps and illustrations, it is also a very good teaching aids in schools and colleges.

Admittedly, it goes only half the way in meeting the need. Work is going on, and we expect to add more knowledge/date on this site in another’s year time, Allah willing.

Release notes

• Beautiful, unique and improved design introduced.
• Addition of 15 different translations.
• Addition of Tafseer by Syed Zahir Iqbal.
• Audio Recitation of Quran by Qari Abdur Rehman-as-Sudais.
• Biographies of different Islamic scholars and personalities by Syed Zahir Iqbal.
• Addition of Ahadith by Sahih Muslim, Muttawa, Sahih al-Bukhari and Collection of Fabricated or Weak Prophetic Sayings.
• Searching is enabled within each module.
• The above mentioned modules are available for download on-demand.

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