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iGuard UK

Version 1.0.6

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 3.5 / 5

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iGuard UK

Ned Hasovic

Utilities, Navigation

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In short, iGuard scans your position continuously for crimes, and warns you if you are approaching a high crime hotspot. All of this is done in the background and without sacrificing your phone battery level at all. First app that can do this!

iGuard UK is capable of initialising itself in the background when significant movement is detected, this can be used to periodically scan for alarming crime patterns such as dual robbery while you're walking and texting for example. In this case you will get a standard iPhone notification when you are approaching a crime hotspot.

This app uses recent police crime data from database, to tell you what crimes occurred in your immediate vicinity. The app does not use internet. The app uses latest Apple technique for battery preservation, so your battery isn't affected noticeably during the whole day of usage.

iGuard UK is great also for when you're driving around looking for parking, where you would be alerted to any dual vehicle crime while you drive around even if you've switched off the app, you will get a standard iPhone notification which will warn you.

* This is the first iPhone and any phone app that can do that sort of thing, as far as I know. *

And if you need to investigate the details of crime events around you, all you have to do is run the app, and you can see exactly the kind of reputation the area you are in actually has, so you can make your own decision whether you want to park there or not for example.

The app follows the rules set by Apple, regarding battery preservation, and uses recent Apple technique called 'Significant Location Changes', which can track your location while preserving your battery, and if you are in the office not moving about, the app will not even be triggered and it will shut itself off. I've used this app all day on my 3GS, I can tell you, my battery wasn't affected to be able to notice the difference from not having the app installed at all.

Please note that obviously the app does not have a permanent connection to GPS, so please do not expect this or any app to check your location more frequently than Apple's significant location change technique does, otherwise your phone will run out of battery unreasonably quickly.

This app works only in UK (England and Wales), as I do not have police data for other countries at the moment.

I hope you enjoy it, I know I find this app extremely useful and I use it all the time.

** Legal: By using iGuard UK, you agree that iGuard UK app or and it's owner or and WinningFactory brand or and its owner is not responsible for any damage, problem(s) or theft of any of your property or any property you are aware of **

Release notes

Updated for latest iOS devices and updated latest Police crime database.

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