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Version 1.94

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Robert White

Utilities, Productivity

GBP 0.99

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Calculator app that is a Bridge between a Simple and Scientific Calculator.
-Ten Memories plus Tip and Savings Memories
-Memory backup and restore
-Calculation Result Copy to Pasetboard function
-Memory copy to Pasteboard function.
-ºC to ºF and ºF to ºC conversion
-Number keypad set up like a telephone keypad
-Operation in degree or radian mode
-sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, and atan functions
-π, ϕ,√, 3√, 4√, 1/x, %, Log, Log², Ln, e to power of x, 10 to power of x, 2 to power of x, x!, -, +, , × and ÷ functions assignable to any of 8 programable keys from within app or from settings menu.

Release notes

Updated for iOS 10 and 64 bit support
Updated displays for iPhone 6/7 and iPhone 6+/7+
Minor code improvements

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