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Ham Basic


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Ham Basic

Jim Thomas

Education, Reference

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Ham Radio Exam Preparation for the Canadian Basic License. English and French.

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Study the complete bank of questions and answers that can appear on the amateur radio Basic license exam. The questions and answers are the exact questions published by Industry Canada. All questions are multiple choice.

See your proficiency for each of the topics you study. Ham Basic tracks your proficiency for you so you always know how you are doing.

When you select a wrong answer, Ham Basic shows you the correct answer. This immediately draws your attention to the correct answer. If you do not want Ham Basic to automatically show the correct answer after you select a wrong answer, turn off Auto Correct on the Settings page.

When you take the exam, the multiple choice answers may appear in any order. Ham Basic randomly selects the order for the answers so you do not associate an answer to a question by its position in the list of answers. Turn this off on the Settings page if you want the correct answer always listed first.

Sometimes an answer may be easier to answer because the previous question provided hints to the current question. Go to the Settings page and turn on Shuffle Questions so that the questions within a topic appear in random order.

As you study, Ham Basic tracks the questions that you fail to answer correctly. Choose Study By Weakness to have Ham Basic present questions you are the weakest on.

Release notes

Updated question bank with the latest from Industry Canada.

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