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Income Tax Calculator: TaxMode

Version 2019.14

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Income Tax Calculator: TaxMode

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TaxMode is a simple and powerful income tax planning app. Its key features include-
● Up-to-date with latest tax laws of 2018
● Includes tax years 2019, 2018 & 2017
● Includes Qualified Business income deductions
● Automatic selection of applicable tax computations
● Automatic check for AMT applicability and analysis
● Computes Net Investment Income Tax
● Performs deductions and exemptions phase-out
● Additional Medicare Tax
● Computes Child Tax Credit
● Computes Earned Income Credit
● Quarterly Estimated Tax computations, report & IRS 1040ES form support*
● Analyze impact of specific deductions
● Summary or detailed data entry options*
● Side by side comparison for what-if analysis*
● Ability to save and load data*
● Pie chart & multiple report options
● Supports computations with values for major IRS forms
● Effective tool for pre-tax return analysis
● Ability to email out results & reports*
● Easy data entry
● Import and export of plan data

Tax calculations include-
● Regular income tax
● Qualified Business Income threshold and phase-out
● Pass-thru deductions from Specified and Non-specified business
● Tax based on QDCG worksheet
● Self-employment
● Alternative minimum tax
● Net investment income tax
● Additional Medicare tax
● Lump-sum distribution tax
● Child Tax credit
● Earned income credit
● FICA taxes

Automatic limitation of amounts allowed for
● Medical expenses
● Investment interest deduction
● Charitable contributions with limitations for 60%, 50%, 30% & 20% deductibility
● Unreimbursed business expenses
● Casualty & theft losses
● Student loan interest deduction
● Tuition & fees deduction

TaxMode is a quick and efficient app for income tax planning. It provides an easy way to compute taxes and perform what-if analysis. It contains detailed implementation of USA tax laws for 2019, 2018 & 2017. TaxMode's capabilities can satisfy almost any level of need for tax computation, planning and analysis.

This app can be a valuable tool for professionals and nonprofessionals alike. For a tax professional it will enhance your analytical ability, improve your day to day productivity and make tax planning more efficient. For an independent individual, it provides an easy to use tool to analyze the tax impact of a transaction in terms of taxes saved or increase in tax liability, calculate a quick year-end tax estimate, perform a pre-tax-return-filing analysis, or review the impact of any other tax related investment decision; TaxMode can help you make more informed decision by providing a better understanding of all the possible income tax implications.

We hope you have a productive and satisfying experience with this app and delight us by giving TaxMode a helpful review.

Please let us know any thoughts or suggestions you may have while using TaxMode that will help us improve its functionality. Similarly, please write us at [email protected] if you discover a computational error or have questions on a specific calculation.

Thank you.

*Represents a premium function

Release notes

This version includes computations for tax years 2019, 2018 and 2017. Following modifications are made for tax year 2019-
•Updated income limit subject to Social Security tax in the computations in 2019 tax year. This limit is raised in tax year 2019 to 132,900 from the 128,400 limit in tax year 2018.
•Updated reference information for Estimated Tax using 2019 IRS Form 1040 ES.
•Modified Income & Tax pie chart.

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