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Rise Up! Radio/Alarm

Version 1.22

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 3.5 / 5

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Rise Up! Radio/Alarm

Apps on Fire Ltd

Utilities, Productivity

GBP 1.99

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Featuring stunning nightstand UI, thousands of radio stations and sleep sounds.

Rise Up! Radio/Alarm Clock harnesses extensive sleep research to give the ultimate sleep experience from the moment you go to bed till you wake in the morning.

Main features:
- Beautiful nightstand with choice of clock themes prepared by our fantastic design team, including old-style LED, Flip Clock and gorgeous Nixie tubes
- Thousands of radio stations, including BBC, NPR, Digitally Imported and many more (simply mail us if your favorite is missing)
- Sleep mode - choose from radio or relaxing natural sounds including the sea, jungle, rain, a soothing fan, white noise, or hipnotic binaural beats
- Natural alarm mode softly fades in
- Dismiss options include flipping phone or reaction time test to avoid turning alarm off in your sleep

Other features:
- Weather display adjusted to your location
- Wake to your choice of radio/tones/speaking clock/your music
- Alarm tones include dubstep, ambient beats and special 520hz alarm tone (proven to be more effective at waking deep sleepers)
- Tap-for-time – tap the screen during the night and the phone will read out the current time
- Slide finger to adjust brightness
- Alarm fail-safe includes fallback tones in case Internet radio can’t connect or selected song is not available
- Alarm timer
- Adjustable snooze time and number of snoozes allowed
- Alarm skip
- Optimised for CPU and memory
- Sleep science features including suggested nap time, in-app sleep tips, reaction time game to avoid sleep inertia, 520hz alarm sound and binaural beats.

==== SUPPORT ====
*** Note that due to iPhone/iPad background app restrictions, the app must be in the foreground for the full alarm experience to be functional. ***

If you have any feedback or issues in the app (or would like a radio station added) make sure to e-mail us at [email protected] We're very responsive to e-mail, but unfortunately can't respond to reviews in the AppStore. You can also visit our support page/FAQ at:

Release notes

Fixed iOS 8 issue where alarms disabled themselves on app restart.

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