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J.P.G. Malthouse

Health & Fitness, Education

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This colourful App interconverts the Imperial weights stones, pounds (lbs) and ounces to the metric weights kilograms and grams. It can also interconvert feet and inches into metres and centimetres, calculate BMI values, estimate % body fat for adult Caucasians and estimate heart rates for exercise based on age only or by using the Karvonen formula and your resting heart rate. You can also use it to interconvert grams and ounces or to interconvert degrees fahrenheit and centigrade which can be useful when cooking. There are no adverts.

Release notes

The App has been updated and new screenshots supplied. You can now enter negative temperatures in the iphone App. Heart rates can now be estimated based on age only or by using Age and your resting heart rate.

WEIGHTS screenshot oneWEIGHTS screenshot twoWEIGHTS screenshot threeWEIGHTS screenshot four