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Counting Beads Intro

Version 3.1

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Counting Beads Intro

Wayne Allen Bateman

Education, Games

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The object of this game is to place the numbered beads in order going right-to-left and top-to-bottom. To rearrange their order, begin by switching any two of the beads that are next to each other. Place your finger on one of the beads to switch and slide it over the other bead. Doing this will make the two beads exchange places. Continue play by switching pairs of adjacent beads until all of them are arranged in clockwise numeric order. Each time you perform an exchange, your score will increase by one point. Try to complete the game by performing as few exchanges as possible so that you end with the lowest score. With the “Options” menu, you can select the number of beads per side that make up the square.

This is a counting and alphabetic learning game for children.

Learn to count by connecting the beads in numeric order to form a chain. Begin by dragging bead number 1 until it touches bead 2. The beads will stick together and bead 1 will trail behind as you drag bead 2 to bead 3. Continue connecting the chain to each next higher bead until the chain is complete. As you drag the chain by its leading highest-numbered bead, the rest of the beads will trail behind.

You can move the chain by dragging the leading bead directly with your finger, or with the “Options” menu, changing to “Attract” or “Tilt” mode. In “Attract” mode, touch the screen anywhere with your finger and the leading bead will move toward the position of your finger. In “Tilt” mode, hold the device face up parallel to the floor and tilt it slightly from level to let gravity roll the leading bead downhill in the direction of the tilt.

The application also contains three alternate exercises to the principal Counting Beads selection. The amusing “Tail Chase” game begins with 2 bead chains of equal length -- one belonging to the player and one to the opponent. The object of the game is drag the player chain so that the leading (number 1) bead touches the tail (highest number) bead of the opponent chain. This will catch the tail bead so that it detaches from the opponent and becomes the new tail of the player chain. Continue to chase and steal opponent beads until all have been captured and the opponent chain is empty. During all this time, the opponent chain will also be similarly chasing to capture beads from the player chain.

The “Switcheroo Circle” and “Switcheroo Square” games are elementary counting exercises that let the player arrange the beads in a circle or square until they are sorted in numeric order. Sorting and arranging is accomplished by switching the places of adjacent beads.

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available for iOS 5 - 6

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