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Brabble E

Version 1.5

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 1 / 5

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Brabble E


Games, Puzzle, Education

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Brabble is a creative word play game. Players have to skillfully combine given letters to make new English words. All sorts of words and word forms* are allowed. The letters can be joined by drag and drop and also moved as whole groups. As with solitaire games, the letters must be gradually revealed first (see screenshots). Recognized English words are displayed visually. Brabble knows (almost) all the English words that have eight or fewer characters. In this full version, the game includes 75 levels whilst the free Lite version contains 5 levels. A level is completed when all the letters are used to form words. The first levels are quite simple. But higher levels are more challenging.

Brabble is highly attractive and fosters creative thinking through the playful use of language.
A short video on Youtube shows how to play Brabble: Search for "Youtube Brabble word play game" or click on the support link and then on "Youtube video".
* except abbreviations and names e.g. of countries, cities, rivers, mountains or persons.

Release notes

- Problem with textbox fixed
- Support for new devices

Brabble E screenshot oneBrabble E screenshot twoBrabble E screenshot threeBrabble E screenshot four