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UKTV Play: Watch TV On Demand

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Catch up, exclusive shows and box sets from your favourite channels – watch it all for FREE on demand with the UKTV Play app.


Catch up on the latest series of Taskmaster on demand. Greg Davies sets a series of stupefying tasks to a group of comedians with Alex Horne assisting as his right hand man, coaxing the hopeful champions to show their creative competitiveness.

Yianni: Supercar Customiser
Meet Yianni – car customiser to the stars. Watch as Yianni customises supercars to the standards of the rich and famous. Working with celebrities, footballers and social media stars, Yianni and his team of skilled wrappers can turn a car into any colour they want at his London-based business.

Whether it’s a urine sample, a complaining patient or a dead body – if it’s in St. Etheldreda’s Hospital, you’ll need a porter to move it. Join aspiring doctor Simon as he navigates the basement world of partying morticians and taser-happy security guards and tries to become the best porter ever in this hilarious comedy series, exclusive to Dave.

Classic Holby City
Catch up on the early episodes of the iconic medical drama series. Meet the team on the Darwin ward and follow as they perform dramatic surgeries, juggle complicated personal lives and more, on demand with UKTV Play.

The Heart Guy
Tune into episodes of “The Heart Guy”, the show from Down Under following a big shot heart surgeon as he’s forced to return to his small home town after his fall from grace. Watch him negotiate family drama, small town gossip, lost loves and difficult bosses with all three series on demand on UKTV Play.

Classic Eastenders
Join the locals at Albert Square and catch up with original characters Dot Cotton, Pauline Fowler, Dirty Den and more in the early episodes of EastEnders. Watch the drama and tears in some of TV’s most memorable scenes, in this iconic British soap.

Abandoned Engineering
Take a look at some of the most spectacular examples of abandoned engineering from around the world. Watch episodes which deep-dive into the histories of some of the most complex and intriguing buildings that time forgot with UKTV Play.

Watch all these unmissable series, and so many more for FREE, with the UKTV Play TV app.

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