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Brain in Hand Mobile

Version 3.3.1

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Brain in Hand Mobile

Brain in Hand Ltd

Health & Fitness

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Brain in Hand requires a licence subscription and is not free to use. This mobile application is one component of a professional system and is used in combination with Brain in Hand web software and human support. To find out more, please visit or contact [email protected]

Brain in Hand can help you to manage difficult situations, remember things, and cope with anxiety, all of which are stepping-stones to increasing independence and achieving goals.

Our digital support system is made up of three main elements: personal specialist setup, accessible self-management tools, and linked human support. Through the Brain in Hand application, you can easily access coping strategies and reminders, monitor your wellbeing, and request extra help when it’s needed.

Professional support services can use Brain in Hand to enhance their work with service users, improving outcomes and making resources go further.

To see part of the system in action, download the mobile app and explore a pre-populated demonstration account.

Release notes

The latest version includes bug fixes and support for the following:
- Time zones
- Multiline text

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