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Random Sound Recorder

Version 1.6

Content Rating 4+

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Random Sound Recorder

Ralph Cos

Utilities, Entertainment

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Random Sound Recorder is Yeahgic's sound recorder supporting the sound option in all apps of the gic-Series that dedicate to technical learning tools for close up magicians. This application allows to record sound files in caf-format (Apple Core Audio Format, caf) according to the four suites, the ace, the three court cards and values from 2 to 9. Also all numbers to allow for 52 positions can be recorded. The created caf-files serve as sound files for the apps 'gicAcaan', 'gicTwice', 'gicSerials' and 'gicRandom'. Once recorded, using iTunes, the sound files can be moved to their final destination in the other apps' documents folder.

Release notes

1. Settings now accessible from the menu.
2. Code Maintenance

Random Sound Recorder screenshot oneRandom Sound Recorder screenshot twoRandom Sound Recorder screenshot threeRandom Sound Recorder screenshot four