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Phonics UK

Version 1.3

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 3 / 5

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Phonics UK

Human Friendly Ltd.

Education, Reference

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A British English pronounciation helper app for the phonics sounds taught in schools.

When I attended the Reading Evening at my son's school I discovered that I had been pronouncing a number of the Phonics sounds wrongly when trying to help him. This inspired this simple app which provides a handy reference to the correct sounds (spoken by my son).


Make sure your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch isn't silent and that the volume is suitable and then just touch the phoneme (letter or letter group) that you want to hear. It is that simple.


The short version is that Fast Lists does not collect personal information. Technical data may be collected in the event of a crash

For bug reports and feature requests please contact [email protected]

Release notes

Increased audio volume.

Sounds wobble when played.

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