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Born in 2008 with a strong desire for better communication among IT professionals, Codecamp was encouraged and sustained since its early beginnings by companies and other communities. We started small in the early stages of the Romanian IT industry, but given the continuous demand from the community we ended up doing conferences with 2000+ participants, hackathons, open days, masterclasses and others.


Codecamp targets and brings together people from all the IT disciplines and who reached all possible career levels: from bright and enthusiastic students and juniors to the more experienced, wise and grey-haired senior and expert participants. The talks and workshops provided by our international and local speakers represent a massive source of knowledge and inspiration for the audience.
Interested in Java, .NET, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Mobile, Cloud, Agile development, Software Architecture, Business Analysis, Management, Product Development, IT enabled entrepreneurship?


Masterclasses are high-end learning events organised with top trainers and specialists coming from all over the world.
The training/workshop usually lasts for no more than one or two days and addresses a relatively small number of people, so that everyone in the room gets full attention.
Hands-on, practical approaches are favoured during the masterclasses, so that the attendees can apply them in their day to day work immediately afterwards.


Hackathons stand for innovation and quick problem solving. 24 hours of intense work in cross-disciplinary groups of usually 5 to 10 talented professionals does the magic. One just raises a topic and dozens of ideas are generated, curated and then some of them get actually implemented as a Minimum Viable Product, basis for a real production-ready solution.

The topic to be hacked can be anything: a “crazy” idea to be explored, a concrete need from industry domains (healthcare, public transportation, automotive, etc), groups of people, areas on the globe – it doesn’t really matter as long as the people who engage have enough determination, talent and knowledge.

Open Days

Companies and other organisations really love getting in touch with the community of professionals.
Online presence and communication are good, but in-person, face to face beats that.
During the Open Days, companies open their doors and invite everyone to see how does a normal day look like in their organisation. Moreover, special events such as workshops/talks are organised with in-house or external/community speakers, which represent a really good learning opportunity for everyone.

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