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Claude Le Dû

Music, Entertainment

GBP 3.99

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PocketPipes is an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch  player for bagpipe tunes  (abc and bww files) with lot of options. A vertical bar shows the note being played on the sheet music. PocketPipes is your partner for practicing, with your own tunes and statistics about recent playbacks help you to drive your training sessions.

- bagpipe chanter sound or practice chanter sound
- defining a section of the tune for playback (to focus on few measures when training, with long press on the sheet music). The area outside the section is grayed.
- loop mode
- playing with or without drones or embellishments
- C natural, or C natural + F natural
- synchronized metronome with the current play
- optional 5-7-9 attack before each play
- tempo tuning for the current tune

- importing tunes from a desktop with iTunes, a Dropbox(TM) account, or email attachements
- file sharing : you can send tunes or sheet music as email attachments
- file uploading to a Dropbox account (wav soundtrack and pdf sheet music)
- sheet music printing
- categorization (tagging) of the tunes allows to work on subsets within the personal tunes (i.e. Marches, Slow airs, To learn, Next performance ....). See guide on website. More flexible than folder hierarchy.
- searching by keys, crossed with categories
- statistics on recent playbacks, crossed with categories
- file edition in textual mode with revert capability to the previous file

- contextual menu with a long press on the tune title or force touch actions (on devices such as iPhone 6S, 7 ...)
- full screen and zooming on sheet music (important for iPhones)
- ability to colorize some parts of the tunes (non standard feature)
- keyboard for fun only

Nota: tempo setting and section marks are made persistent.
PocketPipes contains six tunes for demonstration purpose.
They can be hided.
Available ressources on the support web site: Packs of tunes, guides, FAQ, link to abc software
See FAQ for specific questions.

Release notes

- Uniformisation of some colors of the user interface
- Ability to hide the embedded tunes (with a setting), so that you only see the personal tunes

- Fixing a crash that appeared with IOS 13.1 or iPAD OS 13.1, and some minor bugs

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