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This is the official visualization-app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for the LCN-GVS "Global Visualization System" by ISSENDORFF KG.
It allows controlling and monitoring single buildings as well as multiple properties.
The app builds upon the LCN-GVS-Server, which can be used with every web-browser. This also includes smartphones and tablets.
The purpose of this app is to give fast and easy access to all major functionality, while still preserving the possibility to go into details by using a web-browser.

This app has the following advantages:
- Specialized tableaus with large icons for quick and easy access
- High reliability even under bad (wireless) reception conditions
- Reduced data-traffic compared to using a web-browser (cost-reduction with data-roaming)
- Access to all LCN-GVS-tableaus in a frameless fullscreen web-browser

The app has the following features:
- It can connect to every LCN-GVS-Server worldwide, that is reachable over the internet
- Visualization and control of all buildings, that are managed by the connected LCN-GVS-Server
- Quick-tableaus for fast access to all most important building functions
- Execution of batch-commands (macros)
- Administration of the LCN-GVS-Timer
- Administration of the LCN-GVS-Monitoring-Server

Minimum requirements:
- For the user of the end-device: iPhone 3GS or iPad
- For the administrator of the LCN-GVS: Version 3.3. Updates can be downloaded here:

Important notes for users:
In case you do not already have an LCN-enabled building, the app includes a guest-account to control a demo-house (scale 1:10) near Hanover, Germany.
All actions can be monitored live with a webcam.
The required login-information is built-in and will be suggested on the first start.

Release notes

- resetted zoom
- you can save 2 adresses of your GVS. One is the internal-adress (e.g. ip-adress of the server) and the other one (extern) is the DynDNS-adress provided to you
* this feature is mostly needed for users of the Telekom. They are not allowed to use the external (DynDNS)-adress from their homenet. If there are no problems using the external adress in your internal net, you can just use one of the adresses and leave the other one blank.
- switches automatically between internal and external adress

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