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The BodyViz iPad app is a key component of the world’s most scalable 3D MRI/CT visualization suite for anatomy education, medical simulation and healthcare communication. The BodyViz iPad app allows users to interactively rotate, pan and zoom through a patient's virtual anatomy in 3D, using the familiar and intuitive iOS gesture interface. Clipping planes can be created and moved for virtual dissection to expose internal structures of the patient. Users can choose the tissue density they wish to view, such as harder tissues (e.g., bone, muscle) or softer tissue, like fat or skin. They can also choose from a variety of colors to enhance organs and other features of the data. Finally, the BodyViz iPad app enables users to view spatially registered annotations created with the BodyViz desktop application.

To demonstrate its capabilities, the BodyViz iPad app provides access to four anonymized data sets. To generate additional content, and realize the full benefit of the app, users need to purchase the BodyViz desktop application and BodyViz Sync (

The BodyViz desktop application, which is FDA approved, enables loading of native medical MRI and CT image files in DICOM format, interactive and intuitive volume visualization, and augmentation with value-added content such as clipping planes, measurements and spatially registered annotations. To enhance accessibility of this content, BodyViz Sync facilitates the upload of this enhanced content (or native DICOM) to the BodyViz Cloud. The BodyViz iPad app loads data from the BodyViz cloud, extending the use of medical image data beyond a static setting and increasing the value of CT and MRI data for educators, students, residents, and medical health professionals.

- 2D slice viewer offering manual or animated movement through dataset
- Volume rendering mode offers interactive 3D representations.
- Zoom, pan, and rotate 3D representations with familiar iOS interaction gestures
- Tissue mode that allows different densities to be viewed in real-time from preset or user defined values
- Multiple coloring schemes available in 2D and 3D modes
- Clipping of dataset in 3D from six orthogonal or user defined planes
- Annotations created in BodyViz desktop can be viewed in app
- Viewing of BVF file format as well as native DICOM format through BodyViz Sync

- Not FDA approved (i.e. not suitable for use as a primary diagnostic tool)

- App support can be found at

Release notes

We regularly release updates to this app.
- Support for iOS 11
- Revised EULA and Privacy Policy
- Performance enhancements and bug fixes

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