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Backgammon Ace – Multiplayer Board Game & Dice

Version 5.0.4

Content Rating 17+

User Rating 2.22222 / 5

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Backgammon Ace – Multiplayer Board Game & Dice

Games, Entertainment, Board

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World Champions and friends alike gather in Backgammon Ace, the best free online Backgammon board game!

Go head to head with backgammon players from all over the world and see who’s best! From casual players who just want to kill time to backgammon world champions, everyone can enjoy Backgammon Ace together!

Learn or test your skills against incredible AI that will teach you how to play like a pro, then graduate to the big leagues – Multiplayer dice battles with friends and players all over the world!

**BackgammonAce Championship World Tour (BAC) is going on now!**

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------What some experts say about Backgammon Ace
- MOCHY(MASAYUKI MOCHIZUKI) - (2015 World Champion, Backgammon Giant #1):
“Backgammon Ace is one of the most addictive backgammon apps... Love it.”

- AKIKO YAZAWA - (2014 World Champion):
“Backgammon Ace is a completely new type of backgammon app... Beginners can enjoy learning by collecting tactics and using the Ace function! And experts can take advantage of game records and error rate.”
What makes Backgammon Ace so special?

FREE real-time online match-ups!
Play backgammon with buddies or players from all over the world, whenever and wherever you are!

WORLD-CLASS backgammon AI!
Backgammon Ace’s powerful AI is second to none; keep playing and gain the experience and skills to master backgammon as you go!

DELUXE stat tracking and analysis!
Analyze your strengths and weaknesses! Track your Error Rate, and collect promotions as you improve your skills and make fewer errors. Use the PlayStyle feature to discover and study your own PlayStyle, based on Attack, Speed, Tactics, Gamble and Defense. Go in-depth and track previous game results, highest Ranking and current Rating. You can even view a graph to track your win rate based on game records. Come back to improve your backgammon skills and watch your stats soar!

PRACTICE with the best!
Backgammon Ace provides you with all you need to become a top performing backgammon player. Get quizzed on questions from the world’s top player, Mochy. Analyze your plays and check analyses and graphs tied to your performance. Backgammon Ace is here to help you be the best.

MULTIPLAYER with Backgammon Friends!
Now you can play backgammon with your friends, no matter where you are. Invite your board game buddies and play together!

WATCH live games!
Watch, learn and bet on other players' games live as they happen! Get a bonus if you bet on the winning player!

REPLAY previous games to become a backgammon master!
Return to your previous backgammon games to study your own moves and that of your opponent's. The AI checks your every move and lets you know when you’ve made a great play. Analyze your game and go from newbie to pro!

PRACTICE offline with the AI!
Play backgammon even without an internet connection in Practice mode.

GOLD status for speedy backgammon
Sign up instantly through Facebook, Twitter or the app itself, and start playing in 10 seconds. Make all of your moves using just 1 button, and move seamlessly from one game to the next.

Play Backgammon Ace with backgammon players from all over the world! Instantly join a 2 player game, or hone your skills against the AI!

Download Backgammon Ace today and become the next backgammon master!

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Release notes

Bug fix and improvment

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