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Numer | Mnemonic Phone Numbers

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Numer | Mnemonic Phone Numbers

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Ever wondered how can you remember your phone number easier? What about your PIN number? Now there is an app for that - Numer | Mnemonic Phone Numbers!

Have you noticed that your dial pad contains 3 or 4 letters assigned for each digit? Have you ever questioned: "What does my phone number spell?" Using these number-letters you can create phone number words. Did you know that a phone number like +1 (***) 293-7663 can be remembered easier and faster as +1 (***) AWESOME? With Numer it's like having your own vanity phone number! Don't waste any more time and check what your phone number stands for: it's free.

Also smartphones can store a great deal of information, but sometimes it is safer to be secure and rely on your memory. Forget the days when you were storing your PIN or Password code on the back of a business card or your ID. You should never do that for security reasons. Storing your PIN code in your phone is dangerous because it is not secure. Rely on your memory instead! Numer helps you achieve this in no time.

Numer | Mnemonic Phone Numbers is the perfect combination between a fun app and a very useful app that can help you memorize some of your phone numbers or PIN combinations easier and faster.

Did we catch your attention? There is more: having a beautiful flat design and a delightful user experience, this app will tell you in no time what your phone number means, how you can memorize and remember it easier.

Figure out what your number may stand for and memorise it easier and faster. Also it is fun to see how your friends phone numbers can be spelled and you can easily share this with them via multiple sharing channels from inside the application: mail, SMS, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Depending on your needs and localization it can also cross check between different languages and words from German, French, Spanish,Italian and others.

--> Get Numer Today and Learn to Memorize Phone Numbers Now!

DISCLAIMER: there are phone numbers that because of their structure and arrangement of the digits can not generate any valid combination using a certain language dictionary.

Release notes

minor bug fixes

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