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Flipping Bird

Version 1.0.3

Content Rating 9+

User Rating 4 / 5

Votes 6

Flipping Bird

Tim Raveling

Games, Casual, Entertainment, Action

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A long time ago, in an app store not far from this one, one man created a game. That game was brilliant. That game was full of depth and vigor. That game was, simply put, perhaps the greatest creation the iPhone market has ever seen.

This is not that game. It is, however, a tribute. An homage. This is Flipping Bird, now with 100% free-range organic RAGE.

You know you've felt it. Crashing into pipe after pipe. Divebombing into the ground out of sheer frustration. Coming to your senses, sweaty and spent, at four in the morning, just having broken thirty.

We feel you, bro. We've got you covered.


- Loads of insults
- Loads of rage
- Possibly the most addicting thing you can do with an iPhone that doesn't involve using it as a tray for illegal substances
- Beautiful hand drawn graphics
- You can listen to your music while you play it, we guess
- Loads of rage
- Rage!

What the #[email protected]% are you waiting for?

Release notes

- Minor graphical improvements

Flipping Bird screenshot oneFlipping Bird screenshot twoFlipping Bird screenshot threeFlipping Bird screenshot four