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Explorachron Lite: Steampunk Time Traveling

Version 2.1.0

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Explorachron Lite: Steampunk Time Traveling

Artful Programming, LLC.


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This is the Lite (and free) version of the Explorachron. The Explorachron Lite which allows Victorian time travelers to manipulate time for short periods. The direction indicator shows the relative direction in case the time traveler forgets which end is up.

"Commander Wakedale here. Any good Victorian time traveler knows how important it is to have several paths through the time stream. The Explorachron Lite provides time manipulation as well as showing the time traveler the local orientation. How does it do this? The Explorachron uses "time and relative direction indicating systems" that were provided by a strange fellow that lived in a large blue box. This gives the time traveler the ability to freeze time and disrupt the local stream of time (time disruption is accomplished by passing the time traveler through all points in time, similar to an infinite improbability drive, but for time). Along with these features the Explorachron Lite can also be used to provide illumination (if available). If you want more features besides time manipulation and orientation, try the full blown Explorachron with compass, longitude, latitude and reminder functionality."
- Commander Montague Wakedale, Airship Corp retired.

Key features of the Explorachron Lite:
- Analog clock face with gear tick second indicators.
- Device orientation indicator.
- Lamp, if available on device (because sometimes it's dark).
- Control of individual sound effects.
- No Ads!
- Disruption of local time stream.
- Freezing of local time stream.
- Link to time matrix (note: the Explorachron Lite will not actually travel through time unless connected to the time matrix located in a large blue box that is bigger on the inside).

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Release notes

- Updated for iOS 9.

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