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Group Tracker ⊚

Version 1.5

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Group Tracker ⊚

Russell Harper

Utilities, Travel

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Always know where everyone is with Group Tracker, another in our growing line of exciting and innovative iOS apps. We recognize you have a choice of similar apps out there, but Group Tracker is different because:

• it’s easy, easy, easy!
• no setup, registration or sharing of information
• it’s as flexible and dynamic as you are
Just gather your group together, the leader taps the Ⓖ button, and that’s it! After that, everyone can follow on the map where everyone is.

While the initial intent was to target tour groups, new uses are being found for Group Tracker all the time:

• tour groups – especially port-of-call and other time sensitive outings
• school and family outings – nature hikes, museums, sporting events, fairs
• business uses – conferences and conventions
• assistance with mobility issues, translation, or taking pictures!
• outdoor sporting events – keeping track of performance
• never lose your way when given “Just follow me!” driving directions

Fully customizable: icon, nickname, grouping and messaging settings.

You can send messages to other group members, either individually or all at once. Messages support full Unicode and Emoji.

There is a “Request Help” feature to get assistance from nearby Group Tracker users.

You can switch from Map to Satellite view, with support for panning, rotation and zoom-in or -out.

A legend is provided to help you estimate distances (metric or imperial).

An In-App upgrade provides wider grouping areas (250 m vs 30 m radius), and longer group durations (12 hrs vs 1½ hrs). Strongly recommended for tour group leaders and other professionals.


• “Group Tracker” as used in various places in this description is intended as a short form for “Group Tracker by Russell Harper”
• the continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life; in our testing, we have found the discharge rate increases by 7% to 8% per hour
• the “Request Help” feature is not meant to be a substitute for existing local emergency systems such as 9-1-1 or 1-1-2
• some features of Group Tracker are novel and may be used in ways we did not intend; we reserve the right to remove, limit or otherwise change these features in the future

Release notes

• rebuilt for iOS 12
• free discovery area now has twice the radius as before!
• added visual grouping area
• added a countdown timer of the group duration
• removed ads!

Please take advantage of the wider grouping areas and longer group durations by upgrading to Pro! Only the group leader needs to do this, everyone else in the group gets the benefits, too!

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