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Like eggs? Like Music? Then you will flip over Eggify, the musical egg timer. Choose your consitancy and your musical genre and Eggify scans your music library to find the perfect song to time your boiled egg by. Never be bored whilst waiting for your boiled egg again. Breakfast time will never be the same again.

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The Developer MobaNode Limited also wrote the apps listed below, click the icon to visit the pages.

World Rugby Laws of Rugby
World Rugby Laws of Rugby

Updated with rule changes for 2019

The World Rugby Laws of the Game App is also available in Spanish and French.

Welcome to the World Rugby Laws of the Game App. With this App you can watch video examples to build your understanding of how the World Rugby Laws of the Game are applied on the field of play. With over 200 streaming videos, this Application includes information on Laws 1 -21 of the World Rugby Laws of the Game, as well as the Variations. Additionally, all referee signals are detailed in words, pictures and video.

This app is a must-have for all coaches, referees, players and Rugby enthusiasts.

The Application is maintained by and/or on behalf of the World Rugby as a service to users of the Application and use of the Application shall be subject to such guidelines, rules and the Terms and Conditions of Use applicable to such services that may be posted on the Application from time to time and/or otherwise notified by World Rugby from time to time....
Focal Me - Irish (Gaelic)
Focal Me - Irish (Gaelic)

Visting Ireland? Or are you Irish and afraid of pronouncing Gaelic aloud or lost the cúpla focal? Do you find it difficult to memorize Irish words that you’ve never seen before? Did you ever want to show your Irish heritage, but find the Irish language difficult?

The Focal Me iPhone app is your secret on the go. Order a pint of Guinness in Irish, or throw a sly insult at your friends.

The Irish language is very different to English. The words your hear may sound very different, making them hard to remember.

99 funny, useful (and insulting!) words and phrases in the Irish language
Audio recordings for each of the phrases
Listen as many times as you like
Not sure what you want to say - then shake your iPhone for a random phrase
Impress your friends, or better yet, impress Irish people when you’re visiting Ireland.

The App includes controversial “Póg mo thóin” for those fond of a bit of the Irish humor. But if you don’t have some of the Irish humor, perhaps this app is not for you? In that case, you should not learn how to insult your friends in Gaelic. You should not learn smart old sayings to insult somebody. You should not learn to say the cheesy “Kiss me, I’m Irish”, in Ireland’s native tongue.

Go on, buy the App - it's cheaper than a packet of Tayto Crisps (Chips) and lasts much longer!

(Note: If you have any issues with the App - e.g. Audio or any other elements of the App - please do contact us at [email protected] first before leaving any review comments - we can't reach you through your review comment, so won't be able to help there)

**If you can't hear the Audio, please make sure your Mute switch isn't on on your phone, or your volume turned all the way down. If that doesn't help - contact us - [email protected] and we'll get straight back to you....
Easy Revision Junior Cert Science
Easy Revision Junior Cert Science

Praise for Version 1.0 of Easy Revision -

"Brilliant app helped me so much in my mocks that I had recently,can't wait to start using it again on the run up to junior cert,should be made for other subject. I enjoy the subject more thanks to this app, highly recommend investing in buying the physics and chemistry sections aswel!" by james Lavin - Feb 27, 2014

"Nice way to revise. Thanks!" by Happy iPhone user of this app! - Apr 21, 2013

"really helpful, should make it for other subjects!" by Asldjshsg - Apr 14, 2013

"Doing the JC at the mo, it really helped me learn da stuff, much easier to learn through da app than lookin at a txt book all day :)" by HowsThatMonkey - Apr 2, 2013

"I got some questions in the mocks rite cause I was practicing with this. Going to keep using it for the jc!! Thanks!" by Monkey27574 - Mar 21, 2013

"Luv this app.. Wish I had it for my mocks." by AnneMarie124 - Feb 8, 2013

"This is really good app for anyone studying Junior Cert Science.. Different questions every time and great photos.. Thanks!" by Paddy976 - Feb 5, 2013

Studying Junior Certificate Science? 
Do you want to climb to the top of the class?
 Do you want to turn your C grade into an A grade?

Take a break from the books and try a unique new method of revising the Junior Certificate Science syllabus in an easy and interactive way. Revise anywhere, anytime!

 This is the first series of apps aimed specifically at Junior Certificate students that cover topics encountered on exam day. Every question is written by an experienced teacher and is accompanied by specifically selected imagery and comprehensive explanations.
Try the complete Biology section of the app today for FREE and see for yourself.

What this app contains:
Hundreds of interactive questions covering key aspects of the Junior Certificate Science syllabus. Revise important parts of the course in an enjoyable and memorable way.
Professional, scientific photographs and graphics accompany all questions. These images have been specifically chosen by the author to assist the student in committing each important point to memory.

If you answer a question incorrectly we give you a comprehensive explanation that will set you back on the right track.
Get immediate feedback and watch your progress improve. Your grade and percentage is displayed following every attempt.
Coverage of the key points from the Junior Certificate Science marking scheme that the examiners want you to produce on exam day.

Flashcards, memory aids and tips that will give you the edge.
We are currently offering the Biology revision tool completely FREE! If you feel it is beneficial to your study you can then unlock the Physics and Chemistry topics.

About the author
Every app in the Easy Revision series is written by an experienced teacher in his or her subject area. Junior Certificate Science is written by Kieran Coleman who is an experienced Junior Certificate Science teacher having previously written Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate books, DVDs and educational websites....

Like eggs? Like Music? Then you will flip over Eggify, the musical egg timer. Choose your consitancy and your musical genre and Eggify scans your music library to find the perfect song to time your boiled egg by. Never be bored whilst waiting for your boiled egg again. Breakfast time will never be the same again....
Chair Yoga: Edeltraud Rohnfel
Chair Yoga: Edeltraud Rohnfel

This fully illustrated app contains 14 easy-to-master exercises to heal and relax with Chair Yoga.

Clear instructions guide the reader through each routine, all of which can be carried out safely without any previous knowledge or yoga expertise. There are movements to stimulate every part of the body, rounded off by a beautiful relaxation.

The revolutionary concept of Chair Yoga makes the numerous benefits of Classical Yoga available to a wider range of physical abilities. It can be practised by virtually anyone, anywhere in any chair, to stimulate physical and mental wellbeing.

The exercises can also be adapted by yoga teachers who want to incorporate Chair Yoga into their classes.

This app is also available in German - search for "Stuhl-Yoga"...