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Jumping Frog - pipes adventure -

Version 1.2

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 1 / 5

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Jumping Frog - pipes adventure -

marge co., ltd.

Games, Entertainment, Sports, Action

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A frog lives in a wonder forest.
He goes on a journey in order to ascertain the world he've never experience that.

- How to play -
Tap the screen to let frog jump.
Jump to next pipe by adjusting the height.
If the frog crush pipe or fall to the ground, then game is over...

Let's adventure as far as you can!

Release notes

Optimized for 64bit.

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The good news it's free app!

I think modern man has somehow stressful .
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App of madness, "Scrapper"
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A realistic sports car will be destroyed!
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completely free of course
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[About the coin shop]
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Jumping Frog - pipes adventure -
Jumping Frog - pipes adventure -

A frog lives in a wonder forest.
He goes on a journey in order to ascertain the world he've never experience that.

- How to play -
Tap the screen to let frog jump.
Jump to next pipe by adjusting the height.
If the frog crush pipe or fall to the ground, then game is over...

Let's adventure as far as you can!...
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A real aquarium simulator app has come to the app store!
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*Make friends and show off your fish tank! *
By making friends you will be able to visit their fish tank.
Take care of your friends fish tank and gain bonus experience!
Make your fish tank the envy of your friends!

*Take challenges to earn yourself bonus items *
Complete challenges such as catching 3 types of rare fish.
The bonus you receive will also change depending on the challenge!
Aim to complete all the challenges!

PLEASE NOTE: Fish Garden is free to download and play. However, some game items can also be purchased for real money....