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Crayola Design & Drive

Version 1.5.4

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 3 / 5

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Crayola Design & Drive

Crayola, LLC

Games, Racing, Entertainment, Simulation

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Design cars on paper, customize them in a virtual garage and then get behind the wheel and drive them on wild stunt tracks!

Crayola Design & Drive lets you select and print out a car design template and start designing with markers, coloured pencils, stencils and more. Scan it with your device and see your design come to life in your virtual garage. Each car comes with unique stats like acceleration and top speed, but you can customize your ride even more by changing the rims, exhaust, spoilers, chrome and finish.
When you are ready, rev the engine and head out to any of 3 stunt tracks in 4 different game modes. Flip through the air and rack up points in Crazy Stunts, crash through as many things as you can in Destruction Challenge, test your driving skills and beat the clock in Time Trials, and explore the track and find the hidden ramps in Free Drive! Earn trophies for your garage by topping the high scores and then show off your collection with photos of your favorite car designs.

When you are ready for a new ride, simply print out more design templates and keep on creating or swap cars with your friends by scanning their designs!
Download the app to design your first car with the free template. Please note: a printer is required to print out car design templates. If a blank screen appears when trying to scan a design, please ensure that this app has permission to access the camera.

Parents: While Design & Drive is free to download and try, please note that it does contain an in-app purchase to unlock the full experience and all content. For children 13 and younger, a parents’ permission is required for any purchase or sharing options. Find out more at

Release notes

Scanning has been greatly improved and should now work as intended in a much wider range of lighting conditions. For best results, scan templates in a well lit area and avoid casting shadows on the page

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