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Scout Champ

Version 2.0

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Scout Champ


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Award-winning, super simple and intuitive scout advancement tracking.

Designed and built by a scoutmaster specifically to help scouts advance without bogging them down with paperwork. It will quickly give you a view into the status of your troop broken down by scout, rank, merit badge, and even by each requirement. (It can be really handy for parents too)

It helps answer the constant questions:
"What should we work on?"
"What is his status?"

It can also be used by individuals to track their own progress.

I have been using this for my own troop for quite some time and it was a big hit with the boys at scout camp. They earned several extra merit badges just because it was so easy to see what needed to be done and get it signed off.

It also saved me hours of filling out blue cards because you can generate a double-sided pdf from within the app and then print it out.

- Digital signatures
- Pie chart showing each boy for each rank/badge/requirement
- PDF blue cards. (Huge time saver!)
- Made and tested by real scoutmaster and troop

Release notes

This update has been a long time coming! Here are some of the updates... don't miss the bottom one:
- updated requirements
- added merit badges (Architecture, auto maintenance and wood working)
- updated sustainability to be a required badge
- made the notes actually save
- smarter eagle badge figuring
- unit, troop, etc fills out for blue cards
- better sizing on modern devices
- fixed several bugs
- font size respects OS settings
- and the big one.... Cloud sharing!

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