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iServe:Ping Pong/Table Tennis

Version 1.2.0

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 1 / 5

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iServe:Ping Pong/Table Tennis

Viktor Zenkov

Sports, Sports, Games

GBP 0.99

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Unbreakable Apps’ Ping Pong/Table Tennis Serve and Score Keeper app

• visually aids in keeping track of whose serve it is

• keeps score while playing ping pong/table tennis

• regulates serving alternating two serves to each person (or five serves to each person), then alternating every serve when both players are within one point of the winning score.

• includes button for switching sides

• keeps track of the number of games won by each player, and includes an option to change those totals

• will not go to sleep while the app is in use

• uses visuals instead of text

• includes video detailing how to use the app

Release notes

A new button has been added on the top middle of the main screen that switches the sides the players are on. A new button has been added to allow players to have five serves per turn.

iServe:Ping Pong/Table Tennis screenshot oneiServe:Ping Pong/Table Tennis screenshot twoiServe:Ping Pong/Table Tennis screenshot threeiServe:Ping Pong/Table Tennis screenshot four