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Utelly: TV & Streaming Guide


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Utelly: TV & Streaming Guide

Utelly Limited

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Today, TV = live broadcast + catch-up + on-demand and even YouTube.
TV guides on paper or on TV are not good enough anymore. This new TV needs a better tool for discovery, something that works on mobile, something that knows everything that's available to watch, wherever it is. Your TV needs Utelly.

Utelly is the next generation of TV Guide that lets you find what to watch, fast and can even use your iPhone/iPad to change channels on your set top box or smart TV.


Regain control of your TV, and make the most of all the channels and online services you love.

1. (one-time only) Select your TV provider (Sky, Virgin Media, Freeview, BT Vision, TalkTalk or FreeSat).
2. Add your preferred online services (BBC iPlayer, iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, etc...).
3. Browse our recommendations, see what's trending or search for the best shows/movies for tonight, for this week, or whenever you fancy, i.e. on demand.
4. Tap on a show
5. Tap 'play' to change channel on your set top box (TiVo or Sky) or Smart TV (Samsung, Sony, Panasonic) -or- set a reminder to watch it live -or- play it directly on your phone (live streaming)
6. Sit back and enjoy the show.


NOTE: This version is capable of remote controlling your Virgin Media TiVo & Sky set top box, and smart TVs from Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and Panasonic.


• Track your favourite shows. Get alerts when new stuff becomes available on TV, on catch-up and on-demand. Never miss the shows you like again.

Now and next
• Quickly see what's on TV now, tonight, tomorrow, up to 7 days ahead. Just swipe left/right to move forward/backward in time. Once you find something you like, set a reminder and the app notifies you 5 mins before it actually starts.

One Search across TV + Catch-up + On-Demand + Youtube
• TV as it should be: navigate the content wherever it is, without ever having to search twice.

• Thanks to some clever data crunching (some even say it's magic), discover all the shows you will love, based on your profile and your watching habits.

Trending Content
• See what others watch and like on Twitter and other social networks.

• Set a reminder for the program you don't want to miss and get a Push Notification just minutes before it starts.

Remote Control
• Change channel on your TiVo Box, your Sky Box and/or smart TV at the tap of a finger.

Customise Your App
• Select/deselect the channels and online services you want, and never get listings of shows you can't watch!

Helpful tips
• Virgin TiVo / Sky Remote Control requires your set top box to be connected to your home network, either via a direct connection to your Wireless Router, using an ethernet cable, or using a Wireless dongle - (you also need to enable wireless remote control in your Virgin TiVo settings) - and your iOS device must be on the same WIFI network.
• Samsung/Sony/Toshiba/Panasonic Remote Control requires your Smart TV to be connected to your home network, either via a direct connection to your Wireless Router, using an ethernet cable, or using a Wireless dongle. Your iOS device must be on the same WIFI network — The first time you try to remote control your smart tv, it may ask you to pair it with Utelly by pressing 'enter' on your TV remote, and/or entering in the app the code displayed on the TV screen.

Release notes

Compatability for devices running iOS13.

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