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InviteMe, Social Curation

Version 1.1

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InviteMe, Social Curation

InviteMe LLC

Social Networking, Lifestyle

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InviteMe is an Austin, TX-based, social curation app for group gatherings. Our hope is to revolutionize social lives beyond the screen and into real life, lowering social barriers and raising our chances of meeting people on a more connected, authentic level.

We’re not a social network, we’re a social experiment.

On the surface, it began as an idea for discovering local house parties, but that’s evolved into something far more interesting. House parties can present a unique level of comfort in contrast with downtown nightlife randomness. There’s a gravity, a glue that ties everyone together; and we should be able to find that weekend-to-weekend.

However, few of us want to invite the world over without a way to curate guests.

InviteMe is a first-of-its-kind mobile app which allows hosts to post private gatherings -- whether house parties, SXSW rooftop events, a party on a yacht, you name it -- all with their name and address “locally cryptic”. Users review a localized feed, reviewing cultures of nearby gatherings, and requesting invites for those that resonate.

Users give a micropitch for why they should be invited, then event hosts reflect on profiles and pitches anonymously – so that nothing is awkward – granting invites only to those they choose. Those chosen can then see hosts’ names, location, and fellow attendees.


“Weeding in” the right crowd deepens authenticity and lowers social barriers. It’s curating a group like a casting director would a film, and while InviteMe is not an exclusive, elitist app, it is about optimizing our social experiences and bettering our real lives.

Welcome to social curation for groups.

Let’s take the strange out of strangers.

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