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HealthHelm TrustedPatientCoach

Version 3.2.1

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HealthHelm TrustedPatientCoach

Health Helm, Inc.

Health & Fitness

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HealthHelm’s Trusted Patient CoachTM (TPC) is an mHealth solution engaging patients with their physicians to manage their own health care plan adherence by tracking prescribed medication intake and monitoring vital signs and symptoms in a closed-loop system. It tracks physician-specific and patient-specific care plans. Designed with leading Human Factors Engineers, TPC is comprised of a coaching application to remind patients to capture their data on their own smart phones. It provides easily accessible and secure web dashboards for patient, physician, and caregivers; social networking for peer support and behavior modification; integrated incentives and gamification; and credible medical/wellness education. All the data feeds into HIPAA-compliant web-based physician and patient portals and dashboards, which can be accessed when permission is granted, by family care-givers. This provides a “closed loop” of health information tracking and communication between patients and their doctors and family caregivers, distinguishing it from other mobile and web-based apps. TPC brings together all the players – physician, caregiver, and family members - to help ensure patients adhere to their care plan. It also captures user data, enabling predictive analytics motivating and influencing adherence.

Take control and manage your care actively! Studies show that when patients engage in managing their own medical condition, health quality and outcomes improve. With TPC, the control is right on your smartphone!

Track your medications, vitals, and symptoms – the key elements of your care plan. TPC helps you see your progress with clear, simple charts. The more you are able to measure and monitor, the more you will learn to make smart choices in managing your condition. Receive reminders and alerts to help you stay true to your care plan: when it's time to take your medication, answer short questionnaires, or record your blood pressure. Alerts trigger you to take action when needed. Your doctor can respond to an alert, address a problem before it becomes urgent. Or, she might “call in a change to your medication.” This provides you with a valued safety net – just by checking your smartphone. Communicate directly with your doctor’s office. With TPC, there is no waiting on hold, no automated voice responses. Connect securely and privately to your care provider and receive verification that s/he receives your message. Enlist the support of your friends and family. You can choose to share some or all of TPC's features with a trusted family member or friend, who receives the same reminders and alerts you do, and becomes a supportive partner in managing your health.

Help your patients help themselves. Studies prove that engaged patients are more effective in the managing their medical conditions, resulting in healthier outcomes. TPC engages patients in managing their own health and adhering to their care plans. The result is higher adherence to medication and care plans, fewer hospital (re)admissions and emergency visits. Receive automated alerts. Track the key metrics that indicate whether patients are trending in the right or wrong direction. Define alerts that will allow your team to provide earlier, more impactful interventions when patients are out of target ranges. Communicate directly with your patients. Send messages directly to a patient's iphone and receive confirmation when they read it. Secure, closed-loop communications are logged. HIPPA-compliant and configurable. TPC includes a secure physician portal, enabling you to set the TPC tools to align with your team's existing workflow. TPC adjusts to you – not the other way around. Configure TPC for each patient's individual care plan. You define which elements to measure and monitor. Make changes and adjustments over time: keep everything in one place. All patient-reported data is secure and becomes part of their EMR.

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