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Key Verbs with Steffy & James

Version 1.1.0

Content Rating 4+

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Key Verbs with Steffy & James

Language and Learning Steps Pty Ltd

Education, Word, Games

GBP 2.99

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Key Verbs with Steffy and James is a simple, fun, interactive action app, designed to teach a range of verbs using a predictable format of present tense command, followed by descriptions in present, and then past tense. This language app in the Key Word Kids series, follows the Key Word Kids Steffy and James as they join family and friends to demonstrate these actions using either:  a ‘Learn’ mode where children choose a figure from a set of 3, watch the character perform a command and hear the action described in both the present continuous and past tense; or a ‘Test’ mode which shows the action and gives the present tense but stops the game to allow users to say the action completed, using their past tense form. As with all Language and Learning Steps apps, children are both engaged and learning, with delightful, colourful characters and sound effects, and a selection of short motivating mini games included as brain breaks. Customised options include turning text, voice or background noise on or off.


○ No in-app purchases or links to social media
○ Easy to use
○ Interactive
○ Motivating short mini games included

○ Two modes: Learn and Test
○ Three sets of actions in each verb set and three verb sets in each cycle
○ Pause button displayed on screen allows the user to change mode easily, skip a current verb set or return to the home screen
○ Learn mode requires the user to choose one of three available actions and then runs through the verb states without the test screen
○ Test mode requires the user to choose one of three available actions and pauses after the description in the present tense, to ask what the figure did, aiming to test past tense verbs
○ Teaches and tests both regular and irregular past tense verbs
○ Teaches personal pronouns ‘he’, ‘she’ and ‘it’ by using the correct pronoun to describe the past tense action
○ Teaches concepts
○ Customised for a range of ages (1year old learning concepts and vocabulary for actions, but suitable for older children learning past tense)
○ Customisation includes:
-Sound effects: on or off
-Background noise/sound: on or off
-Transition blur between verb cycle: on or off
-Bubbles available for popping when choosing each verb set: on or off
-Voice only (no text)
-Text only (no voice)
-Games available after each cycle of three verb sets: on or off

○ Contains clear speech in neutral English

○ Created by Specialist Educator Play Therapist and Speech Language Pathologist
○ Designed for all children including those learning English as a second language, and excellent for children with language learning difficulties who may find both the conceptual and grammatical aspects of verb learning difficult
○ Made in Australia-scenes include Australian outback, African Safari, Farm, Beach and House
○ Can be used with individuals and small groups
○ Can be used independently or with Speech Pathologist/ teacher/ assistant/ parent/ carer
○ Excellent to establish joint attention with young children, children with autism and other communication needs
○ Used by Speech Language Pathologists and others in conjunction with Key Word Kids as a way to teach verbs as a single action information carrying word (1 ICW) and two word person + action in past tense (2 ICW) eg She kicked, He ate, It flew

Join Steffy and James now in this fun learning app!

Release notes

iOS 11 support

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