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Bass Tuner TN-1B

Version 2.2.3

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Bass Tuner TN-1B


Music, Utilities

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It's very easy! Fine tuning for all bassists.

TN-1B is tuning meter only for a bassist.
It detects the pitch of notes that picked up by a microphone, and it displays the difference from the right pitch.

◆It's very easy to use.

◆High-precision, high-performance.

◆Supports tuning-sets below.
・Half Step Down
・Full Step Down
・1&1/2 Steps Down
・Drop-D(half step down)
・Lowered Cello

◆Supports five or six string bass.

◆It has a simple drum machine function.
・The rhythm pattern that you made, you can send to your friend by AirDrop or email.
・And also the data is a common use with TN-1G(guitar tuner), you can share the rhythm pattern with the guitarist of your band.

◆You can change reference pitch-A between 438Hz and 445Hz.

◆You can change note notation language.
・English(C, C#, D, E… , B)
・Italian(Do, Do#, Re, Mi… , Si)
・German(C, Cis, D, E… , H)
・French(Ut, Ut#, Ré, Mi… , Si)
・Chinese(C, 升C, D, E… , B)

◆TN-1B has a tuning fork of reference pitch-A.

Release notes

• Minor bug fixes.
I value your feedback, so if you have something to share then email me at [email protected] You can find a link to the mail in help.

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