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VetIT On The Road

Version 2.1.3

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VetIT On The Road

2Sys Ltd

Medical, Business

GBP 35.99

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VetIT On The Road (OTR), is a mobile app to support and complement your use of the VetIT PMS when working away from the practice.

Using your diary in the PMS, VetIT OTR automatically downloads and stores your appointments on your mobile device, for a customisable number of days, allowing you to work in areas with poor or no connectivity.

VetIT OTR will download, each day, the client and patient details of those you have appointments to visit, as well as clinical history and the products, services and treatment plans you use. Optionally, you can download all patients’ details for a client, rather than just the patients you have an appointment to see, as well as use the online search to make appointments for patients not already in the app.

This enables you to write clinical notes, book products and services manually or by scanning bar codes, and attach photo assets during your visit at a client's site, rather than waiting until you return to practice, saving you time and additional effort.

Once you have connectivity, you can synchronise your work back into the VetIT PMS.

Other features of VetIT OTR:

- View client and patient locations.
- View directions and the map to clients and patients using GPS on your device.
- View client and patient alerts.
- View a breakdown of the current client balance.
- Call or send an SMS to a client.
- Take photos to support clinical histories.
- Make new appointments on your device.
- Update the status of appointments as your day progresses and receive new appointments to your mobile device (When connected to a data network).
- View the price breakdown of products and services including Price Profiles.
- View assets attached to the patient’s clinical history (When connected to a data network).

Release notes

•Invoice Comment - user input comments will not be overwritten by the default price profile Invoice comment.
•Duplicate appointments prevented when an appointment status change is made on the app for an appointment that has been rearranged since last sync (needs VetIT v4.4).
•Appointment description - new text line created when return selected.

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