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Spinner Galactic

Version 1.1

Content Rating 9+

User Rating 1 / 5

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Spinner Galactic

Backabit LLC

Games, Action, Casual

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HEY, YOU! Yeah, you! How many undiscovered planets have you orbited today? ZERO?! Unacceptable!! Suit up, soldier: Your Spinner Galactic journey starts NOW.

Our gravity-assisted propulsion and remote planet-claiming technology make it easy for even novice spacefarers to conquer a solar system single-handedly (or even single-thumbedly)… but few (or really any) explorers survive such a perilous trek. Only those with the best reflexes, timing and GUTS will earn the glory of a high score or the coin to staff the strangest crew this side of Epsilon Eridani.

Are you still reading this?? You could have orbited like a dozen alien worlds by now!! Less waiting, more rotating!

Release notes

Added support and optimization for iPhone X.

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