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NL - Number to words

Version 1.0.3

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 1 / 5

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NL - Number to words

Mohamed Arradi-Alaoui

Productivity, Utilities

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NL - Number to words is a real useful tool to write down a number to a word.

It can be use to write a bank cheque or any kind of other reasons ! This app can be use directly from your apple watch !

And if you are too lazy to type the number, just say it ! The app and the apple watch app can use microphone to write down for you ! Amazing right ?

* Language available for word output : English and French.

- English et French from 0 to 999999999.
- App can use arabic numbers too but only for number input

Let me know if you think some features are missing or if you find some issues!

Release notes

Fix a crash when you tried to use coma within a number.

NL - Number to words screenshot oneNL - Number to words screenshot twoNL - Number to words screenshot threeNL - Number to words screenshot four