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This app is for use in research studies examining how diet, exercise and sleep affect health and healing. Our body contains circadian (circa – approximately and dian – day) or 24 h clocks that determines the time to sleep, feel hungry or get ready for physical activity. Research studies run in different locations are trying to understand the interaction between “how much” and “when” we sleep, eat or exercise for better health. You need an activation code from these research studies to download and use the app.

Following are the key features:

- Camera function to snap picture of everything you eat or drink
- Sleep tab to record time to bed and time of waking up
- Exercise tab to log physical activity
- Personalized food menu
- Health tab to log and monitor health parameters
- Medication reminders
- Feedback with the research coordinator
- Integrated healthkit framework to track your health information.

Release notes

UI Fixes for iOS 13
Chat issue Fixes

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