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Board Game Bible

Version 4.4.2

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Board Game Bible

Michael Costa

Games, Board, Card, Reference

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Open up a world of board game information with The Board Game Bible. This app scours the internet and brings you all the information you need about a game into one place. Search for a specific game title or find what your looking for by browsing the numerous categories available. You can watch videos of other board gamers playing the game, or check out a few Top Lists to see what's popular right now. Also includes the best websites and podcasts for gaming news as well as a list of the hottest games at the moment. The BGB gathers information from places like and YouTube channels in order to make your board game search as simple as a game of Candy Land.

You can sync your collection from the Board Game Geek website and update owned/wishlist games. You can also view and log plays to BGG.

We also now incorporate price data into each game so you can find the lowest price game on the internet.

Release notes

- fixed a problem with display of game comments
- fixed an issue with showing game images on first load
- fixed an issue with filtering in favorites

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